Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook for August 16th


Outside my window ... 
     Why does the sun go on shining
     Why does the sea rush to shore
     Don't they know it's the end of the world...

I am thinking ... one of my dear friends has quietly and unexpectedly been called into the Presence of God's throne, leaving her dear ones behind in shock.  Yet the road construction crews continue today with their loud trucks and jack hammers, radios blare lyrics, and the lunchtime crowd bustles in and out as if nothing sad has happened.

I am thankful for ... the firm assurance that 'Sam' knew Jesus Christ as her personal Savior; I will see her again, when I am someday called Home.

From the kitchen ...  we had our usual Tuesday breakfast of cereal and then I met one of my grieving friends for lunch.          

I am wearing ...  a black pair of capris, black sandals, a white camisole with a black overshirt, and a handmade yellow cotton flower.  Black for sorrow and the yellow flower to signify the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

I am creating ...  doll clothes; although I have put that aside for today.

I am going ...  no where for the rest of the day.  A nap may be required with my playlist of harp music in the background.

I am reading ... how to develop patience in the current series in the August 2011 In Touch Magazine by Dr. Charles Stanley.  Reading is one thing; the personal application is something else.

I am hoping ... the worst of this week is now behind me.

I am hearing ...  the air conditioning and the ticking of the mantel clock.        

Around the house ... everything is still clean.  We had a small dinner party here this past Friday night.

One of my favorite things ...  is sitting in my chocolate-colored wing back chair with my laptop, writing out my thoughts, which aids in making sense of all that is happening around me.  Journaling is good for my soul.

A few plans for the rest of this week ... getting ready for Christmas.  Some of our family members will be exchanging gifts with us sooner rather than later, to save the cost of postage.  We won't open the gifts until December 25th.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:
Although it was the weekend, so far it had not felt like a time of rest.  A broken tooth made it necessary to see the dentist mid-day.  A temporary fix was done and now she was home, looking forward to a more restful Saturday and then plans to meet friends at church the following morning.  Walking through the living room, she picked up the remote to turn on the television but before sitting down remembered there was something she had wanted to do on the back patio.  

Out in the warm sunshine that radiated back up at her from the concrete, she suddenly felt a bit weak.  Sitting down in a nearby patio chair, she slipped off the black stiletto heels that were sort of her personal trademark among friends.  In closing her eyes, however, she did not see the darkness of her eyelids, but instead a bright shining figure reaching out to her.  A pleasant revitalizing glow came over her such as she had never experienced before.

"Sandi, it's time to come Home."

Family and friends came looking for her.  In talking with each other they all realized no one had seen or spoken to her in two days.  When there was no answer at the front door, they walked around to the back.  There she sat, at peace. But she wasn't really there ...

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  1. So sorry for your loss. Glad your friend has realized the hope of eternal life in Christ.