Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook for August 30

Outside my window... the heat of summer continues but the nights are getting cooler and the sun is taking longer to show up over the morning horizon.

I am thinking... of what to say in the next sentence.  Some days the words come more readily than others!

I am thankful for... the small fan blowing on my feet as I type.  But on a much larger scale, I am especially thankful that my family members who live very close to the Atlantic Ocean and were forced to evacuate this past weekend were spared any/all damage from Hurricane Irene.  This was a wonderful surprise and gift from our Heavenly Father.

From the kitchen... we are having pork chops and corn on the cob for dinner this evening.

I am wearing... black capris, a sleeveless shell striped with white, black, aqua and yellow, a short-sleeved black cardigan, black canvas "Grasshopper" sandals, black-and-silver bracelets and black and silver earrings.  Oh, and it's a good hair day!

I am creating... greeting cards this week for the September birthdays, anniversaries, and for whatever occasion that needs a card. You'll be seeing blog posts about them in the future.

I am going... to lunch today with DL, who has finally descended back into the lower 48 after a long visit with her grandson in Alaska.

I am reading... Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  My faithful readers may recall that last week at this time I was going through 40-some-odd boxes in my store room, looking for my copy of this book.  Alas, it never was found.  I guess that I did indeed give it away to Good Will some months ago -- but I didn't mean to!!!  So I bit the bullet and bought another copy.  For those of us who enjoy reading about nutrition and how it affects the human body, it's a fascinating read.

I am hoping... and praying that CB's cataract surgery goes well this morning, with no complications at all.  She is having both eyes done today.

I am hearing... that aforementioned fan blowing on my feet and not much else.

Around the house... most of the week's laundry got done yesterday and put away!!  Things are pretty much under control.  

One of my favorite things... crossing things off of my 'to do list' after they are accomplished!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  lunch with DL in an hour at a restaurant I've not visited before, some sewing if time allows, and just keeping myself in line by the help of the Holy Spirit!

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...
Vermont in October 2010
Last fall Beloved and I took a wonderful bus tour of New England to see the fall colors.  We started in Boston and ended in Boston, visiting western Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine in the days between.  The colors and charm were all I had hoped for.  We are saddened and surprised, as is much of our nation, at the destruction Vermont, in particular, is experiencing in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Who would have thought that a state with no ocean access would get hit so hard by a hurricane?

Watch therefore:
for ye know not what hour 
your Lord doth come.
Matthew 24:42

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