Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Broken Home

Not far from where I am sitting this afternoon is this house that burned into complete destruction several weeks ago.  My sister and I walked past it as she shared with me the little information she knows about the occupants and speculations about how the fire began.  It appears that the inferno was not intentional but perhaps the result of neglect with regard to good housekeeping practices combined with broken family relationships.

What a tragedy.  Something like this could happen to anybody.  Much can be done to avoid disaster but as humans we don't have complete control of anything.  

This picture is a house, something that for the most part can be replaced.  Often we see people whose lives could be represented by the illustration of this house.  How much more important are human lives than buildings.  As I look at this house, my heart is grieved for those who lived there, even though I never met them and they are still alive.  I do know that lives had taken serious turns into poor roads that contributed to this sight becoming a reality.  

There are so many, many, many directions we can take with our lives.  But we must remember that God loves people more than anything (which happens to be the words to a contemporary Christian song).  No matter what I do with my life, I must make what is important to God important to me.  I must make people important to me.

I must do all I can to tell people that God loves them and has a wonderful plan for their lives.  I must tell them with my spoken words, my writings, my behavior, my attitudes, my spending, the choices of absolutely everything in my life.  The way we accumulate treasures in heaven is to make God's priorities our priorities.  Let people be important to you, of more value than anything else you can possibly imagine.  

Let's do what we can to bring as many with us into eternity as possible.  The ultimate choice is up to the people themselves, but let's encourage them to avoid a burned-up life and possibly an eternal never-ending fire.

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