Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Guests are Arriving...

...  for the annual Pumpkin Festival in Small Town America.  Beloved and I planned for months to be in that crowd but then he fell, surgery got scheduled, and we had to cross the festival off our calendar for this year.  

Today I am posting some pictures we took last year during our bus tour of New England to see the fall colors.  Every town had their own form of a pumpkin festival going on.  View these snapshots with me so to get into the spirit of the fun.

By the way, I can't be specific about the locations of each these pictures, but suffice it to say we clicked our cameras in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.  We boarded the luxurious Globus tour bus in Boston, headed out west, then turned north, then east, and then followed the coastline south from Portland, Maine back down to Boston.

Oh, before we go any farther, I should tell you that I've got over 30 snapshots in this post, so you might want to put me on "pause" long enough to get yourself a hot cup of cider.  Also grab a wooly scarf because we had chilly weather (and rain) for much of the trip.  However, for the purpose of taking pictures, overcast skies were great!

There's always somebody wanting to get into the picture!  I couldn't get this gal to move, so I just took the picture of this giant cornucopia spilling out pumpkins at the maple syrup farm we visited.

Not everybody got the memo about wearing a punkin' head for the tour, this guy being one of them.

The guy in the purple shirt was directing the attention of the pedestrians to this fabulous country store.

Look closely and you'll recognize Buzz Lightyear on the left and a farmer on the right, hanging out at the town gazebo.

I'm not very familiar with Greek mythology but I think this couple is from that era.

Lion, Tin Man, Dorothy, and Scarecrow came, bringing their own Yellow Brick Road.

Love was in the air with this wedding, featuring white pumpkins. We saw a lot of those and enjoyed the additional creativity they encouraged.

This guy was not taking any time to pose for cameras; he had a tree to trim!

And then there was the couple who wanted to sun bathe out in public! (tsk, tsk!)

This princess was heading to the realtor's office in search of her perfect castle.

These next couple of pictures were among my favorites because of the details painted on their faces. 

They were busy on the large wrap-around porch of a restaurant.

 I would have loved to linger to see what he was going to do with that beautiful eggplant on his stove.

I think the glasses were an 'add-on', but the rest of his face was painted.

G'bye, Happy Chef!  

Of course somebody always has to make a scary scene, too.  At least his complexion matches his overalls pretty well.

Now I have to tell you that this man was no punkin' head, but a likeness of a former President.  We were in his home town of Kennebunkport, Maine when we spotted him watching the afternoon traffic.

These guys had more of a burlap complexion than pumpkin.

Lotta lotta water in Kennebunkport, with boats of all kinds.  This skipper greeted anyone who would glance his way.

A pumpkin fashionista stands in the doorway of her shop.

Quite a wonderful display of pumpkins (and other autumn decor, not shown in this post) awaited us at the Nonantum Resort.  This is a miniature display of pumpkin people. Compare their size with the sea shells.

This gentleman was Head Waiter at the Nonantum Resort, where many of us on the tour had labstah (spelled the way it sounds) for dinner.

Another wedding was in progress.

This guest looks like he'd already hit the sauce!

ALL brides are lovely in their own way.

Now this is a man who knows how to dress for the occasion!

Pirate party-crashers!

Sometimes bushy eyebrows are needed to balance out the scarcity of top hair.

 The bad guys.

We do remember that this picture was taken in Salem, Massachusetts, where we saw all sorts of odd characters.  This is a dimensional painting on the brick side of a pirate museum.

The sign says it all.

Well!  After a trip like that, we came home and did our own decorating!

As many of my friends as could come showed up for this photo-shoot on our breakfast table to usher in the season of harvest in our household.  

Although we can't be in New England or even Small Town America this year for a Pumpkin  Festival, we will be having our own little celebration here at the blog as inspiration and time allow.  Do stop by again, okay?

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