Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Redeeming the Time

We have good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Seven, who have impressed me favorably with the sitting rooms in their home.  Over the 22 years since we met,  the Sevens have lived in two lovely houses and it's been my privilege to have guided tours of these abodes.  Both good taste and practicality reign in Mrs. Seven's decorating themes.

The sitting rooms in the private areas of their homes have included a great deal of reading material:  books, at least one Bible, and periodicals.  One could take their choice; but it is clear by all that is available that this is not wasted time because all there is to read is of an edifying nature.

I decided that the simple wood stool I've been using to hold my books, a pen, and an extra pair of reading glasses was not attractive and really needed to be bigger, but not too big, due to the dimensions of the space available.

After hunting for weeks at Walmart, Good Will, Savers, the grocery store, and other reasonably-priced retail outlets, I was stumped to find anything that would be significantly better than what I already had.  Today we drove out to American Furniture Warehouse, which is a huge place that has outfitted our house for years without putting us into debt.  

My perfect sitting room furniture was waiting for me there, and I was thrilled.  I think I may have even got the last one they had in stock.  It's got a shelf for the books, and even a small drawer for my reading glasses, a pen, and a collection of extra bookmarks.

Mr. and Mrs. Seven taught me, not in verbal conversation but by their example, to make good use of every opportunity to read, improving our minds.  

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