Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Lady Dresden, continued

(Story continues from above)

Her most recent enterprise was saved for last:  the table topper named for its creator, "Dresden Plate" (affectionately nick-named, "Table Scraps.")  Completed in a delightful variety of blue prints, with textures and shades carefully arranged, the quilt brought a hush of admiring silence from the crowd.

Dresden Plate, "Table Scraps" 
Then Lady Dresden graciously directed our attention to a room just off the lecture area where the quilts of Whistlestop residents had displayed their versions of the same pattern.  Grateful Grammy's contribution was made in autumn's best rusty oranges and browns.

Grateful Grammy's version of Dresden Plate, "Table Scraps"

Then entire event was a wonderful success.  Word got out during refreshment time that this very day was the birthday of Lady Dresden.  I wished we had known ahead of time so we could place a luscious cake in the center of the quilts, but alas, none of us needed the additional calories, so we sipped our punch and nibbled on our cookies.

The crowning moment of the day, however, was when Grateful Grammy got her picture taken with our famous guest.
Lady Dresden and Grateful Grammy
This is a fictitious story, although October 19th is the real birthday of  "Lady Dresden", who has previously been referred to in my blog as "Quilting Queen."  I have written this story as a "thank you" for all the helpful advice and patterns my friend has shared with me over the years.  Throughout the years and over the miles, she has been very encouraging to me with quilting and in our shared walk with Jesus Christ.

The pattern featured is from Quilt Magazine, page 63, but I don't know what month or year.  The project maker and machine quilter in the magazine article  is Louise Krush.  The finished size of the quilt is 25 inches in diameter.  

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