Monday, October 10, 2011

Physical Therapy

Don't let this vision of loveliness in her green scrubs and blue Crocs fool you.  Yes, this is Beloved's Physical Therapist who comes to our home during these first 2 weeks following his total knee replacement surgery.  She is pretty and vivacious and has a powerful influence over my man.  She can make him do things far beyond what I've accomplished with him in nearly 41 years of obnoxious nagging.  just kidding!!!

During her 3-times weekly visits lasting nearly an hour, I try to keep a low profile lest I get pulled into the exercise sessions.  But I do manage to sneak in a few snapshots.  You would never believe what she gets him to do if I didn't send you these.  First of all, she pulls out her high school geometry class protractor and measures the number of degrees that he can lift his leg.

Then she makes the leg go the other way, commanding that he kick his own butt!

I tell you, he becomes putty in her hands -- he is totally surrendered to all she asks of him.

After she leaves, he is wiped out.  He retreats to his favorite chair, and according to doctor's orders, he elevates his knee higher than his heart to help with the swelling.  There's an ice bag somewhere in there, too.

We've learned to be resourceful in following post-surgical instructions.

Monday night football helps to get his mind off his troubles.  Looks like the Bears need to pick up their game against those Lions!

To be completely truthful, Beloved's physical therapist has been a delight with a wonderful talent for easing him into the exercises as she talks about how he is doing exceptionally well.  She tells us that all of our surgeon's patients get along much better than the patients of other doctors.  We have enjoyed her visits. There is only one more and then Beloved will be sent to a physical therapy office/gym/place where we expect he will use machines to help strengthen his knee.  

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