Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Breakfast Egg Muffin

None of my readers have asked what Beloved and I typically have for breakfast on Mondays, but I am certain you want to know.  So today I will give you a tutorial for making Monday Breakfast Egg Muffins.  I got the idea sort of from McDonalds (fast food), and sort of from Weight Watchers, and somewhere in there I made up my own recipe.  As a result, I have no idea how original this is, but it is a good way to start not only the morning but also a new week.

For each serving you will need an Orowheat Sandwich Thin (that's 2 halves per person).

Beloved likes the Kraft American Cheese Singles and I like the Swiss Singles (slightly lower in calories).  We also use I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Light margarine....

... and 1/4 cup per person of Eggbeaters.

Just a light sprinkling of salt (I like to use Kosher salt), and freshly-ground black pepper will be needed as you cook the Eggbeaters.

In a non-stick skillet lightly coated with cooking spray, cook the egg for each person one at a time, adding the salt and pepper while the egg is still wet.

Fold the egg over so it will fit nicely on top of half of the Sandwich Thin.

Spread the margarine very thin on just one of the Sandwich Thin bun halves, and pile the egg and cheese on the other.  If you want to add sliced tomato and/or fresh baby spinach leaves, this is the time to do that. (I often add them to my sandwich, but did not have either on hand the morning of this photo shoot, so I did without.)

Put the "lid" on each of the sandwiches and then stack them like this in a single paper towel.  Wrap them up and place the bundle in the microwave.

We heat our sandwiches like this on HIGH for 20 seconds to help melt the cheese .  Don't cook for too long or the egg will turn tough.

A good breakfast has 3 essential elements: protein, a bread, and fresh fruit.  To round out our breakfast on this particular morning, we had the most delicious giant oranges.  They were nearly the size of small grapefruit and so juicy!  When slicing them up, I do my BEST to include the white pith that is between the juicy part and the orange skin.  The white pith is nutritious and has very little taste.

Most Monday mornings, this is what my plate looks like.  

On Tuesdays we have cereal (with milk for Beloved; and with fat-free plain yogurt for me), turkey sausage links, and  fruit (whatever we have on hand).  

The next morning is "Waffle Wednesday" with margarine and syrup for Beloved, and fat-free plain yogurt with ground flax seed for me, and fruit on hand.  The waffles are either pre-made and frozen by me, or (more often) the Eggo frozen kind.  

We repeat Tuesday's cereal menu on Thursdays.  

On Fridays it's sometimes a berry-and-yogurt smoothie with a Tablespoon of flax Oil and ground flax seed added, honey, a banana if we have any left, and a few ice cubes.  Toast rounds this menu out nicely.  

On Saturday mornings we have coffee on the front porch (weather permitting, of course), before the rest of the neighborhood wakes up and then we adjourn to the kitchen for scrambled Eggbeaters, toast, and fruit.  

Sunday is my day off, so to speak.  We have Weight Watchers Smart Ones "Ham and Cheese Scramble" and some fruit before heading off to church.

With few exceptions, I follow this menu plan week after week.  When I consider that a lot of people don't even make time for breakfast at all, or they fall into the coffee-with-donut routine (which is not a REAL breakfast in my opinion), making a plan like this is very sensible.  I purposefully made it something I can do in my semi-awake morning state of mind, and I have the satisfaction of sending Beloved off to work with decent nutrition in his tummy.  If it's not a simple plan, breakfast probably won't happen at all.

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