Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook for July 26

Well, actually, I am composing this on Sunday evening for Tuesday's post.  You see, it's a busy week, so Sunday evening is my best opportunity to sit quietly and think about simple things!

I am thinking ... how good God is.  Even when there are "trials on every hand and we cannot understand" (as the song goes), it is the perfect comfort to know our Lord has got it all under control for His glory. And if it's for His glory, then it's for our good!

I am thankful for ... baking soda.  Here's a tip I've used for over thirty years:  if you feel that a urinary tract infection may be coming on, drink a glass of water with half a teaspoon of baking soda. Drink it right down; don't sip it slowly.  Yes, you may have a little belch afterwards, but that's nothing.  If you do this at the first indication you might be having a urinary tract problem, this can often set you back on course again.  And do keep drinking water, pure water, and lots of it.  Flush out the system of whatever wants to pull you down!  If this doesn't work, or  if you are aware of a medical reason  you should not take the baking soda, then seek medical attention.  This is just a suggestion that has worked repeatedly in this household for, like I said, over thirty years.

From the kitchen ... my blessed "servant girl"  by the name of "automatic dishwasher" is busy while I am sitting here in my chocolate wing-backed chair, balancing my computer on my lap.

I am wearing ... aqua capris, a black tank top (with it's overshirt draped on the arm of a nearby chair), and my favorite flippy sandals.  I was wearing aqua earrings earlier in the day, but I removed them before calling one of my daughters-in-law on the phone.

I am creating ... food!  One of our nieces and a friend are on a road trip this week and we happen to be at a location convenient for free lodging along the way!  This afternoon I made orange gelatin with shredded carrots and crushed pineapple to go with tomorrow night's chicken stir-fry menu.  I also made a Cinnamon Roll Cake which I plan to serve for breakfast (departing from my usual cereal menu for that day).  

I am going ... to enjoy showing the girls around, giving them a break from all the driving they've been doing.  

I am reading ... still in Dr. Charles Stanley's Turning the Tide.  I love to underline and make margin notes as I read.  Here is a statement I underlined from pages 39-40:  "I believe that investigating the successes and failures of past empires and civilizations can be instructive, motivational, and a great defense against avoidable mistakes." I learned the same thought from Elizabeth Elliot years ago.  Take this a step closer to home and examine the lives of not only nations, but also people.  Look at the choices they made and how it affected their lives later and the lives of those within their realm of influence.  As Elizabeth Elliot has advised, "read the dead guys," meaning that we should read the biographies of those who are now dead.  See how God worked in their lives.  Many times autobiographies are a waste of time, in my opinion.  They are just an opportunity to boast about accomplishments and to gloss over poor choices.  Read and think about how God worked in the lives of those who are now dead, when nothing is left but the truth.

I am hoping ... that the expected street paving doesn't go on while we have guests this week and next. Fresh tar is so stinky!

I am hearing ... the gentle hum of the ceiling fan high above me and the occasional tapping of Beloved's fingers on his laptop just a few feet away from me.

Around the house ... last week I did some stenciling on a wall in the guest room.  When I get around to it,  I'll post pictures, making a tutorial of the process.

One of my favorite things ... is stepping into our house from the heat outdoors to where it is refreshingly cool.  Thank the Lord that He taught somebody how to invent air conditioning!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  nursing home ministry, some sewing, and the usual laundry and housecleaning.  I apparently strained a muscle in my back recently, so some of that housecleaning may take a back seat to more gentle activities.  Beloved will be teaching the lesson in our Sunday School class this weekend, substituting for the usual teacher.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing ...

Our front porch faces west, which means it is very shady in the mornings.  Beloved and I take our coffee cups (or sometimes tea for me) out there on Saturdays to just quietly sit and sip. We have lots of big full trees in our neighborhood, robins, and bunny rabbits scampering about on the green, green grass.  DL gave me that red geranium last summer. I was able to successfully "winter over" this plant and also a pink one from PB by placing them in the sunny south window of my sewing room.  It is very satisfying to do that, saving significant money.

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