Friday, July 29, 2011

Self-Mitering Placemats

My long-time friend, Quilting Queen, sent me pictures of her most recent project, "Self-Mitering Placemats."   She tells me that gave them this name; the instructions she used with her quilt guild referred to them as "Mitered Placemats."

I am not authorized to give the instructions for this pattern (and I don't have them).  But this is what Quilting Queen said had to say: "The method actually worked and was fairly easy.  I made it much more difficult, making my constant mistakes and misreading directions.  But, now that I have finished them, I realize that it really wasn't that hard and will probably make more.  My fabric was patriotic hot air balloons with a border of blue with gold stars."

No matter how you choose to create your mitered corners, a fun fabric like this will definitely steal the show!  I wanted to get this idea to you before July is over!  If we are smart, we'll start making these for ourselves and gifts NOW, in time for the next patriotic holiday!

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