Monday, August 1, 2011

My CTMH Consultant's Birthday

YES!  It is intimidating to make a birthday card for my Close to My Heart consultant, since she is the  best card-maker I know!  But it's the thought that counts, right?  

Even as I sit here writing about the card, which is well on it's way to Alaska by now, I see some things I wish I had done to make it better.  Hindsight is always better than .... (you know how it goes).

This is the card's front.  A white base card and envelope were embellished in a pink and brown theme.  I have no idea if she even likes pink, but since she is surrounded by the gender that prefers blue, my guess is that a little pink is welcome.  The ice cream and its cone are made with 2 stamps from the Fanfare paper pack and stamps at Close to My Heart using pink and brown inks.  The stamps were then cut out and overlapped before getting glued onto the card.  

I'm learning the benefits and instant 'perk-value' of tying a bright ribbon onto a card's front panel, and then gluing that panel onto a pink rectangle, AND THEN adhering the pink onto the white base card.  

Those who know me are not surprised when I say (once again), label your work!  "Handmade for you by" is my most-used stamp, and for good reason.  Let people know who did the work -- who knows, maybe it will lead to fame and $$ some day???

It's always a fun extra touch to apply a small little stamp somewhere on the envelope, too!

But how did I make that plaid pattern on the card?  Well, here is the trick:   you gotta have this nifty roller tool that CS handed down to me a couple of months ago.  She generously gave me a lot of fun stamps that she has decided she will not be using (her loss -- my gain!!).  Among the rubber stamps was this odd-looking piece.  She couldn't remember what it was for.  Then one day I took a close look at the white label and realized it said "plaid" -- use the tool to create plaid!!

I played around with it and found it to be a lot of fun.  On the card I used pink ink in one direction, and brown ink in another.  I also added an additional copper-brown ink for a little shine and dimension.

This roller comes from Stampin' Up, which I know nothing about, but if this interests you, look for it on the Internet.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday Dawn!  With your good example and the encouragement of DL,  I'll get more proficient at this card-making stuff!

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