Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook for August 2


Outside my window ... I can hardly believe it, but today is the first day of public school for the children in my county!  The bloom and heat of summer is in full swing while little children are boarding the yellow school buses.  Many decades ago when I was a school girl, we didn't return to the halls of learning until a week or so after Labor Day! Maybe their schooling takes longer now because there is more history to study??!

I am thinking ... Most children don't grasp the importance of studying history; and unfortunately there are people who are re-writing history to leave out the facts about how our nation was founded on Christian principles.

I am thankful for ... the Christian education my grandchildren are receiving.  I am thankful for the efforts (and expense) my children put forth to see that my grandchildren are educated with godly values.

From the kitchen ... here is a little peek into some of the fun of my relationship with my hubby:  My regular blog readers know that I have a pretend bed and breakfast called "Grammy's Place."  Right now while Beloved has a weak knee that buckles unexpectedly therefore, he is not comfortable with carrying his second morning cup of coffee down to his home office in our basement.  So while he is waiting for his office computer to warm up (a time-consuming task), he calls me on my cell  phone at "Grammy's Place" to "place an order" for a cup of coffee.  I am sitting here at the breakfast table, catching up on email when his call comes in.  I answer with "Good morning!  Grammy's Place."  He requests the cup of coffee (yes, cream and sugar, please, and do you deliver?), and then I take it down to him.  We've been married for over 40 years but we still have our fun little games!

I am wearing ... still in my jammies, glasses, and a smile on my face.

I am creating ... a table runner for my family room coffee table.  Maybe I'll finish it today???

I am going ... to clean the glass chandelier in the entry hall today with the help of a tall ladder and Beloved nearby.  This is something I do yearly whether it needs it or not (laugh) and is NOT a favorite task.  This time I am using the disposable Windex wipes to clean each pane of the light fixture, both inside and out.

I am reading ... Month of Meals, 3rd Edition. This is a meal planner and cook book published by the American Diabetes Association, "Quick and Easy Menus for People with Diabetes, Classic Cooking."  Although Beloved and I don't have diabetes, many of our friends do.  It's a good book for anyone because the menus are a healthy balance of what we all should be eating.  The copy I have is several years old.  If you are interested in a newer version, click here.

I am hoping ... the people who are re-paving our street get the job done this week before our dinner party this coming Friday night.  My alternate plan is to call our guests and meet at a nice park for a picnic menu.

I am hearing ... the tower fan blowing gently on me as I sit here typing.  We do have air conditioning but at times women my age need additional cooling agents to keep us at a calm temperature. (smile)

Around the house ... there is almost always laundry to fold, I need to dust all the plantation shutters in anticipation of the dinner guests this Friday, and this is the day I feed my outside flowers and veggie garden with Miracle Gro.

One of my favorite things ... is a beautiful table setting.  Recently my little support group met for dinner in the home of BB (the Texas blonde with a real flare for color and decor).  Since this is an all-girl group, she went for feminine color at the dinner table using a delightful combination of paper products and re-useables. Here is a picture I took with my iPod camera:

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