Monday, September 5, 2011

An Anniversary Card

If you read my post for Saturday September 3rd, then you will be familiar with this pattern I've been using for creating cards this month.  I find it to be great fun to see how may variations I can come up with using different materials.

The 3 papers used in today's card are especially fun because they have unique finishes.  The tan paper on the left has a shine or sparkle to it, satin one might say. The dark brown paper is almost a fabric, like suede.  The 2 diamond-shapes are also from an almost-fabric pink paper that has gold raised dots.  

All the papers came from JoAnn's Fabrics & Crafts.  The flower stickers came from and the "Love is Patient" sticker came from a package produced by Punch Studio (a gift to me from PB, who shops at Lifeway, the Southern Baptist bookstore).  

Happy Anniversary stamp from Archivers

This card was given to Milk Maid and Stone, who are celebrating 41 years of marriage this weekend by riding a zip line and a river raft trip somewhere in Colorado.  They've had an especially challenging past year with heart surgery, broken bones, the passing of 2 beloved pets and the welcoming of 2 younger pets (and all that entails!), as well as caring for aging parents and the unexpected loss of a dear friend.  

While I would not want to try out the daring feats they have planned to celebrate life and love, no one can blame them for wanting to cut loose!  

Happy Anniversary -- you two are the berries in our life!

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