Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook for September 6


Outside the window... the late afternoon sun is headed west while clear blue skies remain above.  A pleasant breeze is causing the ferns outside to bob gently; and a light sweater feels good when walking outdoors.

I am thinking... about the joys and true simplicity of living in small town America, so different from suburbia.  Today the city mouse is visiting the country mouse.

I am thankful for... opportunities to sit in small town America for even a short time; to eat produce from the lush gardens, to hear the trains going by at 4:45am and again at 5:45am; to listen to conversations about corn, strawberries, and eat my sister's fried okra.

From the kitchen... at the moment, nobody is cooking.  But Sister and Beloved have been "in class" most of the day, with him teaching her the finer points of the Apple Mac computer.  Here, see them for yourself.
As I was snapping this picture, they were calling each other up on their computers and then proceeded to have a "face-to-face" conversation with each other via their computer screens, while sitting next to each other!  Due to the close proximity of their computers (what, maybe 12 inches?!), the conversation was brief because of the feedback noises they were getting.

I am wearing... gray jeans, a white-pink-gray-dark brown short sleeved T-shirt, black Sketchers (shoes), and my gray cardigan because I'm on the front porch as I type this.

I am creating... memories!

I am going... home -- very soon.

I am reading... to be honest, not much right now while we are visiting.  

I am hoping... the cooler weather we have here and the cooler weather reported to be at home -- both-- continue.  I rather like getting to wear my jeans and sweaters after such a long hot summer.

I am hearing... the marching band at the Small Town America High School.  They are only blocks away, practicing for the next football game.  Am I sitting in an old Disney movie???

Around the house... as mentioned above, Sister and Beloved are learning stuff on their computers, Brother-in-law is in his home office, making business calls, and my mother is taking a nap.

One of my favorite things... is.....

..... fresh tomatoes.  Sister and Brother-in-law invited us to take a bucket of their red globes home with us.

A few plans for the rest of the week: getting back into our usual daily routines, savoring pleasant memories of this visit.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing... actually I'm going to post here  a few photos I took this afternoon during a solitary walk through Small Town America.   I find them restful.  Maybe you will, too.
Sister harvests Ever-bearing Strawberries in her garden.
 Small Town America
a house in the neighborhood
The flowers are starting to fade but are still lovely
No Home Owners Association here -- but who needs it?!

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