Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Birthday of Grandchild Number Six

Although today marks the tenth anniversary of a most somber day in our nation's history, four years ago on this day we were blessed with the birth of our 6th grandchild, a boy for our daughter and her husband (affectionately referred to on this blog as Surfer Girl and Surfer Boy).  

I don't write much about my grandchildren because they are still discovering who they are and what they want to be about with their lives.  So to make this day special on my blog, I am sharing with you the birthday card I made for him.  

The card base is a bright star print, topped with Beloved's favorite team colors, orange and navy blue.  The ice cream cones are my most favorite art stamp in my collection, from Close to My Heart, B1377 Fanfare.  The ice cream is a separate stamp from the cone, and both are designed so that whatever color ink you use is the color of the ice cream and the cone (like a reverse from most stamps).  

We sent the card in a larger manilla envelope, so I freely decorated the card's white envelope with one more ice cream cone.  

Speaking of ice cream, when this little one's mother was his age, she never could seem to lick her ice cream cones fast enough, so I would 'help her out' by running my tongue around the base of the ice cream, in an effort to prevent the ice cream from dripping on her hands.  I was just being efficient, but her two older brothers said it reminded them of a cow's big tongue, taking huge swipes of the ice cream for herself. 

All I'll say to that is "A mother does what a mother's gotta do!" (smile)

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