Monday, September 19, 2011


Yesterday I just had to stop the bus and get off for a while, if you know what I mean.

I got up and prepared to face the day but my happy face could not be found. Beloved held me close and suggested I stay home to rest.  I agreed with him.  He drove off to church while I changed my clothes into something that would agree with spending a quiet morning at home alone.  

Those "pop quizzes" I posted about yesterday have been such rude interruptions that I just needed time to lay down, think, and seek refuge in God's Word.  This happens in the Christian life and it is not sin when we need to retreat for a while to reflect.

A few years ago while in a Beth Moore Bible study (forgive me, I don't remember which one it was), she spoke about a time when things were tough for her. She clung so strongly to God's Word that she literally lay her head on her Bible at night and carried index cards with appropriate scriptures everywhere she went.  

With that in mind,  I carried my computer up to my study where I set it up beside my comfy chair and ottoman, complete with several small pillows and a snuggly blanket (or 3, actually).  Once established in my chair, I went to Bible Gateway and looked up Psalm 119 (the longest chapter in the Bible that is also very instructional and comforting).  Then at the bottom of the scripture passage, there was a gray box for an audio reading.  I clicked on that, then lay back to listen.  

Tears flowed at times as God's Words ministered to my soul.  At times I echoed what was being said, prayed for wisdom, affirmation, and forgiveness. I praised God for saying in this Psalm some of the same things I was feeling.  I dozed off and on, too, peacefully in the arms of the Lord.  As it turned out, the audio did not stop at the end of Psalm 119, but continued on until the end of the book at Psalm 150.  It was wonderful.  I highly recommend it when you have things on your mind, questions, hurts, dismay and dilemmas.

Do not write to ask me what is on my mind.  I share this with you because we ALL have perplexing times in our lives when the best solution is time alone with God our Maker -- the One Who created us and knows what we need for remedy.  Perhaps this idea is something that will be of encouragement to you.