Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook for September 20th

Outside my window... the cheerful September sun is on its morning trek, flooding the back yard with light on trees that are fading from green into yellows and reds.  The truly hot weather seems to be gone now, a pleasant relief to me.  I hear a siren from the nearby fire station – my personal call to whisper a brief prayer, “Lord, please help those who are in trouble, those who are going to help them, and those who are in the way.”  Yesterday we saw a woman make a left turn right in front of an oncoming fire truck.  Yes, ambulance drivers and those who are in the way all need prayer, as well as the one who called for the emergency help.

I am thinking... although this weekly post is titled, "The Simple Woman's Daybook", my days of late seem anything but simple.  We drove to the inner city yesterday for Beloved's knee replacement class at the hospital.  No less than three hospitals are clumped together with a maze of narrow streets separating them.  We avoided the freeway route but perhaps made no better time on the boulevards due to an awful lot of "infrastructure repairs" in progress.  

The parking garage was downright scary with cars vying with each other for parking spaces, but we found one for us in pretty short order.  We stepped out into the sunshine, headed for the appropriate building with the teaching class only to realize we had parked in a garage for the wrong hospital!  Well, no matter; it was free.  So we walked a little farther than would have been necessary otherwise.  No harm in that and we still arrived in plenty of time. The rest of the day had more of this along these lines: hurry, compete, practice patience, interruptions, and such.  

I am thankful... for health insurance (as it is now, not what it's proposed to be), for current medical technology that can remove arthritis from a knee and restore it to good health again.

In the kitchen...we had cereal for breakfast and for lunch, sandwiches and/or soup (from a can) are planned.  I don't intend to spend much time wearing an apron today.

I am jeans, a long-sleeved taupe crew neck Tee (yes, it's cool enough to wear long sleeves -- hooray!), a navy corderoy vest, navy Mary Jane shoes, and silver hoop earrings.  It's a good hair day, too (fluff and go).

I am going... to spend the day here at home here in the sewing room.  If what I make turns out well, I'll post pictures about it sometime.  Laundry needs to be folded, and before week's end I need to do some spackle and touch-up painting on molding nail heads.  That activity will require yours truly crawling on the floor.  I'll need to work a little on my mind to get that one done. (not today)

I am reading... Love Your Husband, Love Yourself by Jennifer Flanders.

I am looking forward to...getting started on my project today; getting Beloved's knee surgery out of the way; continued cooler weather and crunchy leaves underfoot.  I am sorry we are having to miss out on Pumpkin Festival in Small Town America this weekend.  My mother and sister will be busy enjoying a parade, craft sales and pumpkin pie.

I am hearing...the quiet ticking of clocks in this room, muffled traffic, not much else.  After this post is done, I will probably listen to harp music. I love to work quietly in my sewing room with gentle strains of pure harp (no "epic orchestra" in the background).  Like King Saul of the Old Testament, harp music soothes my soul and helps me to be a nicer person.

Around the house... Beloved is busy at work in his home office, two floors below me.  The bug man came yesterday for our periodic treatment, reminding us that this is the time of year mice try to make their way into people houses.  Try not to leave the garage door open, or any other door where they may run in and find a warm spot at your expense.

I am pondering... how to learn from hard times so that the experiences are not wasted.  Everything that comes our way is allowed by our loving God for a good purpose.  I hope that I am cooperating with His activity in my life, especially when the unexpected or unexplained occur.

One of my favorite things... is getting ready to sew for hours!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Beloved has his last office visit with his orthopedic surgeon before surgery and I've going with him, we have a birthday party to attend this weekend for a gentleman who will be 90 years old, and it's my turn to take goodies to our Sunday School class. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
One of the things that went right yesterday was when Girlfriend-Next-Door came over in the afternoon for a couple of hours.  We sat at my breakfast table designing bookmarks with the Printshop computer program to be given out at her church ladies' retreat next month.  After the hustle and bustle of the morning, this time spent with a friend was very calm and satisfying!

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