Saturday, October 15, 2011

Farewell Teds

A day or two ago I was busy with my keeper of the home responsibilities, which took me to our basement store room in search of meat in the freezer for our supper.  My eye caught an alarming sight in the rec room. Abandoning my original intent, I hurried in for a closer look.

Yes, it was as I thought.  My eyes had not deceived me.  Beloved was laying prostrate on the treadmill, out cold, his glasses having been knocked off his precious face upon impact.  

(smile)  No, that's not what really happened at all.  However, Beloved has been hitting this physical therapy thing really hard.  I've been married to him for nearly 41 years and he still manages to surprise me with his determination about things.  The man missed out on an entire season of fly fishing this year due to the  instability of his knee, so he's working really hard to be in shape come next spring.  

He saw the surgeon on Thursday of this week, was cleared to DRIVE HIS CAR (!!!) and given a prescription for weeks and weeks of out-patient physical therapy.  His first appointment for that was yesterday.  

Among the several treatments he received was something with electrodes. As he was laying on a table getting electrified, a fellow patient (an older woman) in the next bed over from  him turned and looked at him, and asked, "Are you done cooking yet?"  Ah yes, the fellowship of suffering.

As for the driving, it is good for a man to resume this privilege.  This morning he drove himself across town to our church (17 miles) for the monthly men's breakfast -- although upon his return home he announced a drive longer than that would be quite a strain at this stage of his recovery.  

I have more good news to report:  tomorrow (Sunday) will be his last association with his closest companion since leaving the hospital on September 30th: the very tight white "TED Hose" will become a thing of the past.

Those who have been closely following these posts of mine about his total knee replacement will recall that on the day he was discharged from the hospital he was given these support stockings to wear on both legs as a precaution against blood clots.  He was given 2 pair, one of which lasted a week, and now these are losing their elasticity, too.  

You can see in the picture above that there is still swelling in the surgical knee. We are told that will be the case for a while and to not worry about it.  The physical therapist measured the circumference of both of his knees yesterday.  The surgical one is 1  1/2 inches bigger than the left knee.

Sunday will also be the last day Beloved has to take his prescription blood thinner (Coumadin), which means that on Monday, he can use his razor with a blade to shave his face instead of being restricted to his electric razor.  

We press on to better things.

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