Friday, October 14, 2011

Regained Freedom

WARNING:  This post contains pictures of the knee replacement incision 
that may be difficult viewing for some.

Colorful wall art in the medical building
Yesterday the staples were removed from Beloved's incision and already it feels better.  These pictures aren't nearly as hard to take as the one I posted the day we got to see his surgical site for the first time, but I wanted to warn you all the same in case you tend to be faint of heart about these things.

Still some swelling, leftover bruising, and the shiny staples

After removal of staples, which
was carried out uneventfully and quickly

Steri-strips were added after the staples
were removed. These will stay on for
about 2 weeks and come off on their own.
Still no immersion of the wound
until the strips come off.
When the surgeon asked Beloved to bend his knee and straighten it out, even he shook his head with amazement.  Beloved drove us home and later took me out to a movie and dinner.  He's doing great!

Outpatient physical therapy begins this afternoon.

By the way, the movie we saw was Courageous.  You must go see it, whoever you are.  It is that good. Click on the title to see the movie trailer.

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