Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Have Been Manipulated ....

.... but don't be alarmed.  My spine was out of alignment and needed help.  

Beloved and I have a chiropractor.  About fourteen days ago I began to have a pain up the left back side of my skull.  It was very painful and could best be described as feeling like I had a cracked skull.  I found that over-the-counter medicine took away the pain, but did nothing to heal the problem.  After three days of no improvement, I decided to visit our family chiropractor since I have a history of neck problems, documented by this doctor's x-rays taken over ten years ago.  

I am now feeling completely well and am free of any medications.  What a relief!!

If you are not familiar with chiropractic, their premise is that the nervous system (the spine) holds the key to the body's incredible potential to heal itself.  

Beloved and I do not consult our chiropractor for all of our ailments, but for anything related to nerves and the spine, we believe this is the direction to go.  Usually we need to go for just a few visits over a period of days or weeks and then we are feeling good again.  

Yes, my spine has been manipulated to improve my health and avoid strong medications as much as possible.

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