Monday, October 3, 2011

No Bells and Whistles

Our eldest son and his wife have been concerned for years regarding if the day would come when one or both of us would need a walker for our primary transportation.  There has been an assumption that this equipment would be essential for ME before their dad, and son has asked me what color tennis balls I would want on the back legs of the walker. (hot pink, please)  Blondie, whom we love dearly, has been brave enough to voice her concerns to us that a walker would make Beloved look so much older.  

Ah, well. You see what we are having to put up with.  Beloved decided to put this all to rest (fat chance) with an email he sent to this couple yesterday, which is my post for today.

By the way, our other adult children (another son and his wife and our daughter and her husband) have been more respectful with this matter.  We suspect they think these same things but are just smart enough to be quiet about it.

Email to [Rock Student and Blondie]: (pseudonyms, you understand, for the sake of security)

I wanted to make sure you both had the right impressions about [my walker]. So here are some details about what accessories I have and don't have.

I have a bag on the front of it. It hangs from the lower bar in the front. The bag is to let me carry the iPad around with me. (Technology assist). The handgrips are padded. The walker is plain - there is no decoration.

Things the walker does NOT have:
1. no tennis balls
2. no horn
3. no beverage shelf or cup holders
4. no air freshener
5. no dice or other hanging ornamentation
6. no reflectors or taillights on the back of it
7. no headlights
8. I do NOT wear a helmet or other protective padding
9. no power assistance to steer with or power the wheels


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