Thursday, October 13, 2011


handmade cards from Grammy's studio
Well, the day has finally  come... this morning Beloved is to get the 25 staples removed from his total knee replacement incision.  He has spent no small amount of time talking about what method the surgeon will use for this procedure?  Where does he purchase his equipment? Staples? Office Max? Office Depot? Walmart? the Dollar Store?

Will it hurt?  How long will it take?  Will there be blood involved?  Will he be given a lollipop if he doesn't scream and cry like a girl? These are important questions and inquiring minds want to know!

I am telling him that it's nothing worse than a skinned knee.  Buck up and just don't watch when it's done.  It'll be over before he knows it.  

My long-time blog readers remember when nearly 3 years ago I had a collection of staples on the tender skin of the front of my left shoulder.  I, too, had similar questions; but time dims the memory of such things and I've lived to talk about it, so Beloved will be just fine.

This day also marks what will probably be a decrease of blog posts about the knee replacement.  I have devoted a lot of time writing about it over the past few weeks, and even as far back as last July when we first learned the surgery was necessary.  If you want to review all of the posts that I've specifically labeled "Knee Replacement", simply look to the "cloud" of words in the right-hand column here (under  Topics Addressed on This Blog) and click on the words "Knee Replacement." That action will whisk you immediately to all of those posts, with the most recent one at the top and then on down.  Feel free to refer  your family and friends to read them.  I wrote them to be both informational and to relieve with humor some of the stress we were feeling at the time.  

Before any more time goes by, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our family and friends who have been so supportive of us during this uncertain time with their prayers, visits, cards, and food.  

Family and Friends who have been so helpful
You know who you are.  I have tried to thank you individually, in person when possible, but in case I have left anyone out, here is our showing of gratitude now.  It is truly a blessing from God Himself to put encouragers and intercessors into our lives when we are beckoned into unfamiliar forests, especially when those places involve needles, scalpels, and nights in a hospital.

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