Friday, November 4, 2011

Writing From the Bed and Breakfast

Grateful Grammy with a comforting cup of tea
Based on positive comments I've received for a long time, I've decided to write a blog exclusively from the viewpoint of Grateful Grammy at the fictitious bed and breakfast in the small imaginary town of Whistlestop.  My readers have been generous in their affirmations of interest in and affection for my stories and the staff, who are all depicted as teddy bears and other dolls and toys I own.  

I am finding that just about anything else I have to say outside of the Bed and Breakfast has been said before, by many people, and phrased more effectively by them.  What I don't see much of these days is good clean mirth on the Internet.  That's a niche I'd like to encourage because there is a lot of unhappy news out there to bring us down in spirit.  While these are indeed serious and troubling times we all need a break in the stress with good clean fun.

Regarding Beloved's knee replacement, there will probably not be any further blog posts about that  because he is about half way through his out-patient physical therapy and is doing very well.  There is still a fair amount of pain from the surgery and the strenuous physical therapy workouts, but that is all within the realm of normal.  According to his surgeon, it could be up to a year before all the discomfort is entirely gone.  

This blog will remain available for you to read, but most (if not all) of my blogging time will be spent at Grammys Place.  If you have enjoyed the B&B stories in the past, then you will want to come visit.  Mandy Sue, Lily, Spud, Mrs Mertz, Rowdy, and of course Beloved will all be there.  As I write this post now, there is already a story for you to read at the new blog.

Grateful Grammy (and staff)