Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not a Pretty Delivery

The approach of a blessing

The street pavers are busy, busy, busy at work in my neighborhood this week.  This is the stuff little boys love -- and men, too.  I've seen Beloved stand transfixed, watching this process.  For me, I see it as a black, hot, oily, smelly necessity that has to be endured for the sake of a higher purpose.

You can see where I'm going with this.  How many other things do we have to experience that are not pleasant, are ugly, stinky, tiresome, boring, monotonous, and/or downright painful in order to achieve something really wonderful?  

an education
raising children
constructing a building
getting a perm
losing weight
repairing an injured bone
leading a business meeting
learning to ride a bicycle
... just to name a few

All of God's blessings do not come to us in pretty packages tied with silk ribbons with sparklers attached.  As a matter of fact, I've never got a blessing looking like that.  Today I'm getting the benefit of a freshly-paved street in front of my house.  When they are all done, it will be smooth,  black, uniform along the edges, with no bumps or dips, and even the little weeds and grass that tend to grow in the cracks are being cooked by the hot asphalt into oblivion.

For today there is a lot of noise and traffic with these huge trucks passing by, stopping in front of the house to idle their engines until their load is needed, and the scent of fresh tar.  We all live in a world kind of like that as we await the Lord coming back for us.  

For the time being, I'll just remember to be content with the assurance that this 'blessing' is necessary to my future contentment.

Cooperation among workers and vehicles

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  1. I remember working with a lady who had trouble getting to work on time when it was "trash day". Her little boy just loved to stand and watch the truck as it moved down the street! Strangely enough our cat, Bert, seemed to like to watch the trash truck from our windows too. I guess he was a little boy at heart :)