Monday, August 8, 2011

Plan to Get Something Done

It's Monday and I need to get a lot done this week.  We've got something going on every day: an eye appointment, 6-month dental cleaning, car repair, nursing home ministry, hosting a dinner party, and the monthly breakfast sewing club.  To my advantage, the dinner party was delayed from its original date due to the street paving in front of our house last week, so I've got all the details already firmly in mind.

Years ago when I worked outside of the home, I learned a helpful way to get through my "must do" list.  Write it down.  My mentor taught me to use a steno pad and to write down everything.  Then as the tasks were accomplished we drew a line through them.  That simple line is very satisfying!

When a page gets filled up (note, the steno pad is made with two columns), you go to the next page, and transfer the things that did not get done onto the second page.  Hint:  the idea is that you try to avoid having to transfer anything to the next page, if at all possible.  (and you definitely don't want to transfer a task to the third page)

This method works for me.  

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