Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn Needlework and Home Decor Show

All photography is by Grateful Grammy at her home in Blogville.  Be sure to click on the links (recognized by the red  font) throughout this post for further information about some of the patterns, etc.

An old paint-chipped ladder found at an antiques mall a few years ago
stands in our living room, holding many of my handmade
autumn quilts, cross stitch, and applique projects.
As I compose this post we are hearing a weather forecast for 6 inches of snow expected to fall today!  I am thrilled because as much as I love the outdoors, I am a homebody at heart -- an inside homebody!  Today I am giving you a little tour of the Autumn decor inside our home.  Just as with the outside embellishments, most of what I pull out every year is not new.  I may sew a few things to add to the collection, but for the most part, it's repeats, year after year, like old friends who come to visit us every October and November.

Close-up of a pumpkin applique.
The hand work on this piece was done one year when Beloved was
in the hospital with pneumonia and I needed something to
keep my hands busy while he slept.
The rusty orange fabrics in the quilting stores
at this time of year are hard to resist!
Even the smallest pieces can be  used for projects.
This is a felt 'Penny Rug'  made in 1999.
It's not really a rug, but a table runner. 
A painted wood umbrella stand in our entry hall holds silk flowers --
not umbrellas!  The flowers are changed out
according to the seasons.
Of all the autumn projects I've made, this one with the
leaf blocks is Beloved's favorite.
This is the perfect gift from mother-in-law to son-in-law.
My mother gave this to Beloved one year for Christmas
as a tongue-in-cheek reminder of who he married!
This is a fun table runner by a pattern from Art to Heart.
I always smile when this is unpacked.
We enjoy it on our family room coffee table.
Block Party is the name of this wall quilt in the family room.
The neutral colors work well with any season of the year.
The runner on top of the sewing machine cabinet is
Minnesota Hot Dish.
Close-up view of Minnesota Hot Dish
quilted in autumn colors.
There is no place for goblins in our home --
but Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim come out
long before Thanksgiving!
One of my favorites is this mantel quilt
of appliqued pumpkins.

You may remember seeing my blog post about this
Dresden Plate table topper completed just a few days ago.

This table runner was made by my daughter from a
Connecting Threads kit.  The colors are good for Autumn
and the snowmen slide us easily into winter!
I don't have the link for this pattern but you can
visit the Connecting Threads site here.

Red plates in the wall rack have been
replaced with deep orange ones found
at Good Will for $1 each.
Look around.  What can you do to add seasonal color to brighten your home at this wonderful time of year?  Don't wait for Christmas to add some sizzle!

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