Tuesday, October 25, 2011

God-Edifying Autumn Decor

Silk Flowers on our covered deck.
The yellow flowers are used spring through fall.
In springtime the orange flowers are traded in for pink,
and for summer the pink is replaced with red blooms.
This is that time of year when scarecrows (who are far from scary!) start showing up on porches all across our country.  Scarecrows and pumpkins (lots of the latter, especially) are cheerful with abundant color, and inoffensive to those of us who want nothing to do with the ghouls and goblins of Halloween.

Every year when I see people decorate their yards and homes with cemetery scenes, I wonder why they think that is fun?  Have they never been through the death and funeral of someone they loved?!  I am especially irritated by those who not only have a scary cemetery scene in their yards, but some even include  a cross!  I also have no use for witches, ghosts, goblins, skeletons and rattling bones, slime, and blood.  As for jack o'lanterns, I waffle on that one.  Let's just say I want my pumpkins to be happy and cheerful and not scary.  

Okay.  I'm climbing down off of my soap box now. Today I am giving you some simple ideas for autumn decor that are not expensive and can be packed away for use in the years to come.

The trio of happy characters on my sister's front porch.
The pumpkins are from her very own Pumpkin Patch,
planted in abundance with the fun of this season in mind.
This very old house is the perfect setting
for homey decorations at any time of year.
Purchased applique banner on my back deck,
carefully hung to be easily seen from the breakfast table.
This is a  front porch in Blogville.
The scarecrows are named Haley and Harvey.
During winter, spring, and summer, this autumn wreath
hangs from a support beam in our store room, covered
with a black plastic trash bag to protect from dust.
This wreath was assembled about 5 years ago
yet looks freshly-made every time we put it out.
A weathered bench on a front porch has
this grapevine wreath tied discreetly to the
slats where it is decorated seasonally.
An old strawberry pot has silk flowers that are
changed with the seasons.  
This red geranium was going to winter-over indoors,
but alas, some insect varmit has taken over,
so the frost will soon do it in.  In the meantime,
more silk flowers have been employed to add October color. 
Ah, what did I just say?  Winter tends to come early
to our house on Snow Bunny Blvd.
Our first snow this year arrived before I had the time
to bring in all the deck cushions!
(and more is expected later today!)

We can certainly add seasonal color and fun to our homes without resorting to the irreverent ways of the world.

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