Monday, October 24, 2011

True Love Waits

We hear  stories about couples who dated during their teen years, then parted for some tragic reason, only to be reunited again when they were nearly too old to pursue romance any more....

My readers are well-acquainted with the affection I have for dolls, stuffed bears and bunnies.  My sister, who lives  in Small Town America (nearly a thousand miles from Blogville) has been very busy of late going through her stuff, deciding what to keep, toss, sell, or give to somebody else.  Last week she sent to me a copy of my high school graduation announcement as well as the program from the event itself.  

Sister is a doll-lover too.  Imagine my delight when this email from her address showed up among my messages.  It was from one of her dolls of our childhood to one of mine:

message for Barbie doll

Hey, Babe.  Miss you.

Love, Ken

Wow.  Does that tug at your heart the way it did mine?  This couple has been separated over forty years.... actually, it's been longer than that.  We packed them away some years before we each headed off to college and marriage.  Sister found Ken while sifting through her trunks of etcetera.  

I have to report that the Barbie doll to whom this email was addressed is still in a numbered box in my store room.  A more recent Barbie sits with the dolls you have seen in a recent blog post, but of course she is not this Ken's true love.  

Earlier this year I carried out a similar endeavor in my home as what Sister is doing now, organizing and  storing the keepers, and tossing out all manner of the unnecessary. It was a huge undertaking.  Since then I've moved on to other projects, like getting ready for Christmas and taking care of  Beloved and keeping an eye on our caloric intake.  Therefore I am not  inclined right now to dig out the old Barbie.  For the foreseeable future this is how things will remain.  True love will have to wait a little longer....

How's that for a cliffhanger?

Oh by the way, here's an appropriate song for today's post (originally) by the Everly Brothers. (click on their name)

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